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Teambuilding at sea

How to create team building that will be successful and at the same time a good balance between work, play, and fun? 
Team building on the beach!
After waking up in a luxury apartment and having breakfast in a beautiful ambient, we take you on our boats swimming with a big tuna and sea bream fishing. After the hunt (with a box full of fish) we will take you to a private beach, where we have a surprise for your team.
Have you ever lit a fire without all the tools? Did you clean and grill the fish you caught yourself? Have you ever wondered how to survive in nature without everything? We have a challenging, instructive, and fun team challenge for you. After completing the challenge, we will have a music party.
Program message: "Survival in nature is related to survival in the business world!" 
Contact us for more information and a detailed description of the program.

Suitable dates: May 1 - June 30 and September 15 - November 30

Number of participants: up to 20

Location: Nerezine (Lošinj)

Duration: 3 days or by arrangement

You can see the accommodation options, here:

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About the island

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