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Skipper Training

Do you have a boat license but do not have the practical skills to ride? Do you want to improve the boat skills that you can confidently operate your own or rented boat during the holidays? Do boat training and go to sea safely on your own. The goal of the “Skipper training” program is practical lessons that will allow you to learn the basics of navigation, the main tasks of a boat captain, responsibilities, and necessary skills. You will learn to maneuver, enter and exit the port, use anchors and instruments, read nautical maps, and the basics of driving day and night. Our programs are thorough on your level of knowledge, the number of participants, and available time frame.
We conduct training directly on our boats, which allows you to get acquainted with our boats that you can later rent for your needs. Prices are available on request, according to the specific wishes of our customers (including the desired boat from our disposal and the number of participants).

Welcome aboard!

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