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Rental conditions

The rental agency Boat 4 Fun, ow. Anže Turk shall rent out a boat to the client under the following conditions: 

1. The client shall sign the rental agreement making it clear that he agrees with all the contract provisions. 

2. Boats have third-party insurance. In case the damage is caused by you, you are obliged to cover the damage expenses. Damage assessment shall be performed by the agency employee. 

3. The client shall possess a valid license for boat navigation, if not he shall take the entire responsibility. 

4. Boat 4 fun, ow. Anže Turk shall rent only completely equipped boats, fueled and in perfect shape, and the same shall be expected when the boat is returned. The boat shall be delivered at the agreed time and the agreed place. For daily rental, the boat shall be taken at 9 a.m. and returned by 7 p.m. or upon agreement. 

5. The client shall pay the deposit of security, which shall be returned if the boat and its equipment are in the initial state. 

6. The client is the only one who can navigate the boat, if not he shall lose the right for the return of deposit if security. 

7. If the client, for any reason, shall terminate the contract before its expiration, the money paid for the rent shall not be returned. 

8. Boat 4 fun, ow. Anže Turk defines the number of persons to be transported by boat. This number shall not be exceeded. 

9. In case of an accident, the client shall immediately call the agency. If the client fails to do the above, he shall bear the sole responsibility for the consequences. 

10. During the time of rental, it is forbidden to take out the belonging equipment. 

11. The payment shall be done upon the return of the boat. 

12. In case of discrepancies in interpreting the Croatian text compared to foreign languages, the Croatian text shall prevail. 

13. For all the disputes that might not be solved amicably way, the County Court 
of Mali Lošinj shall have jurisdiction.

14. The boat renter is aware of the fact, that the boat has GPS tracking device.


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