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Frequently asked questions

What permits do I need to rent a boat?

You need a valid boat license.

Do I need a professional skipper?

You do not need a professional skipper if you provide all the necessary permits and experience with operating a boat.

Is fuel included in the price?

The cost of fuel is not included in the price of a boat. When renting a boat, we hand over the boat with a full tank. At the end of the rental, you have to refuel at the petrol station (Tifon in Nerezine).

How can I pay for renting a boat?

Payment is possible by cash or bank transaction.

Can I change the rental date after booking?

The rental period must be changed at least 48 hours before the rental day.

Are the boats insured?

Yes, boats are compulsorily and comprehensively insured on the territory of the Republic of Croatia.


What if there are children onboard?

No problem, just let us know the age of the children and we will prepare suitable life jackets for them.


Can I have pets on the boat?

Yes, you can have pets on board, but you are responsible for them and for any damage they cause.

 What happens if I lose some equipment or do damage to the boat and I don't tell you?

In the event of any damage, it is desirable that you openly say what happened to the boat and together we will find a solution and eliminate it.

I have a reservation, but the weather has gotten a little worse. Can I get my money back?

Rain, cloudy weather, or light wind are not considered bad weather. In case the boat leaves the base, you cannot expect a refund. We always keep you informed about the weather conditions. In case of bad weather conditions that do not allow navigation - the boat does not leave the base port. You can then decide whether you want to change the rental date or we will refund your money.

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