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Watching Tuna

Have you ever experienced an adventure that took your breath away? Now you have the opportunity to experience something truly unique. Swimming with tuna! Not with any tuna, but big tuna weighing between 100 and 200kg. Lošinj is currently one of the four places worldwide where you can swim with tuna. Are you interested in how the trip goes? Very simple: about 15 minutes by boat from Nerezine, there is a floating pool where tuna swim. We can observe them by the pool as they swim for the surface while feeding. If you want to enjoy an experience that you will remember forever, you can enter the floating pool and dive with tuna. The trip itself takes about an hour. Being with them in the water is a fantastic experience that adults and children will remember for a lifetime!


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Tuna Watching

Tuna Wach & Swim

Fishing Seabream

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You pay us only for transport, all other services are charged on the spot.

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