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Day trips

Includes : Boat & Captain

200 €


The price of the trip is calculated :  boat + skipper + gas 


We have prepared an unforgettable experience for all nautical lovers. Spend a nautical day with us and we will show you the most beautiful points of this part of the Adriatic. At our disposal we have boats from the best world manufacturers, which are equipped with all the necessary equipment (Bimini top, GPS, freshwater shower, Bluetooth radio, and cooler bag) and economical engines.  We will adapt each trip to your wishes and provide you with new experiences, relaxation, and an unforgettable adventure that will remain in your memory forever.


Welcome aboard!



Short instructions for the trip:

Departure / arrival:

  • Departure between 9 am and 10 am (by arrangement) from Nerezine or previously agreed to locations.

  • Arrival by 7 p.m.


Food / drink:

  • It is recommended to have a drink and snacks with you.

  • We reserve a place in the restaurant for lunch by prior arrangement, or you decide for yourself.


You need to bring:

  • Swimwear

  • Towel

  • Identity document

  • Local currency - HRK

Island Unije

Island Unije is a magical island that impresses us with its unspoiled beauty of nature, lush Mediterranean vegetation, and numerous bays and beaches. The ideal destination for all who want to escape from the hoards of tourists. Island Unije is a perfect choice for a day trip from Lošinj by boat.

Island Susak

Susak is an island not far away from Lošinj. It has a rich history and calls for exploring cultural heritage. The name comes from the Greek language and means oregano and grows almost everywhere on the island. Once upon a time, vineyards grew on the Susak, and the tradition is still alive. Island is known for its dusty paths running across sand cascades, connecting the village with coves on the other side of the island.

Island Ilovik

Not far away from Lošinj is the island Ilovik, also called the island of flowers. The crystal clear sea, beautiful beaches, bays, and unspoiled nature surround the island of Ilovik. For those who have always dreamed of being on the long sandy beach, the best - beach on Ilovik is Paržine Beach, located on the southern part of the island of Ilovik. 

Lubenice & Blue Cave

Lubenice (the official name of this beach is St. John - Sv. Ivan) is a collection of fairytale bays on the island of Cres, only one hour drive away from Lošinj. The imposing cliffs shoot out of the ocean, and the beaches are surrounded by crystal clear sea. Visiting Blue Cave is a part of a trip to Lubenice. The Blue Cave is a sea cave formed in a cliff at the very edge of the beach. The entrance to the underground room is only possible from the sea and leaves no one indifferent, a spectacular experience for the whole family.

Bijela beach

Most visitors are sure that this is the most beautiful beach in the Lošinj archipelago. The meaning of Bijela beach is white, because of the crystal white sand which scattered all over. 

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