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Spearfishing weekend

Duration : 3 day
Includes : Accommodation | Foods | Swimming with tuna |  Tour guide, Boat, Gas & Captain

By agreement

Duration : 1day
Includes : Tour guide, Boat & Captain

By agreement

Suitable dates: April 1 - June 30 and September 15 - December 31

Number of participants: up to 4 people per vessel

Location: Nerezine (Lošinj)

Hunting location: Lošinj, Cres, Unije, Susak, Ilovik ...

Duration: 3 days or by arrangement

Focus: Enjoy hunting and apnea in carefully selected locations, hanging out with friends and new acquaintances, cuisine, evenings sitting around the fire, and telling fishing stories ...

Most spearfishing enthusiasts do not have time for their hobby. Also, they do not have their private boats, so they can not find the hunting spots. Our team provides you with a fishing experience as you have never experienced before. The program is intended for all spearfishers who want more experience, extended weekends in the spirit of spearfishing, cuisine, and new acquaintances. With our experienced spearfishing guides, we will take you to several selected locations where you will have the opportunity to discover the underwater beauties of the Lošinj archipelago and practice and upgrade your spearfishing skills.

Attention! We are not spearfishing instructors! Each participant must have spearfishing experiences.




Depending on the time of year and your spearfishing skills, you can expect to catch: Sea bream, sea bass, toothfish, sharks, mullets, salps, kavals, groupers, eels, octopuses, cuttlefish ... -> See sportfishing rules at sea, and fish hunting.



Yes, a fishing permit is mandatory for all recreational and sport fishing activities in Croatia.

A fishing license is not included in our price.

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